Last updated Jan 6, 2005 - Guild Ranks / Titles

Guild Ranks / Titles are:

60 Viscount
50 Duke
40 Count
30 Baron
20 Squire
10 Page
  1 Peasant



There are 2 ways that any guild can structure its guild member advancement. By either:

Orginally, this guild was going to a have a dual matrix system. It would of worked as follows...

Let's say you gain enough XP to level up to level 30. If you are male, you would earn the rank of Baron. If female, the rank of Baroness.
  • ... Ranks above Baron ...
  • Noble Baroness (Distuingished Baron)
  • Noble Baron (Distuingished Baron)
  • Baroness (Female)
  • Baron (Male)
  • ... Ranks below Baron ...

Until you level up to the next rank of Count (or Countess), you have the opportunity of gaining a noble title. A notable act, such as offering to help other guild mates, offering help in the general chat, etc, are some of ways you can earn the noble title. Once an officer has seen (or heard) you perform this act (or you have been nominated by a fellow guild-mate) you would be immediately promoted to Noble Baron (or Noble Baroness) rank.

Once you acquire enough XP again, to earn level 40, you would be promoted to rank of Count, or Countess, but lose the distuingished title. You woud again have the opportunity to perform a noble act again.   :-)

But alas, the total number guild ranks are very limited, so this ranking schema is sadly not implemented.

For those interested, the complete guild ranking would of been...

n/a Guild Master (King)
n/a Queen (Promote,Demote)
n/a Lordship (Promote/Demote)
n/a Ladyship (Promote/Demote)
n/a Captain (Promote/Demote)
n/a Magistrate (Invite) 

100 Lord
100 Lady
 90 Wise Sage
 90 Sage
 80 Virtuous Elder
 80 Elder
 70 Esteemed Viscount
 70 Esteemed Viscountess
 70 Viscount
 70 Viscountess
 60 Sire
 60 Madam
 50 Distuingished Duke
 50 Distuingished Dutchess
 50 Duke
 50 Dutchess
 40 Honored Count
 40 Honored Countess
 40 Count
 40 Countess
 30 Noble Baron
 30 Noble Baroness
 30 Baron
 30 Baroness
 20 Noble Squire
 20 Squire
 10 Noble Page
 10 Page
  1 Initiate
n/a Probation

Guild Title Notes
  • Loosely based on "Titles of Nobility" & Heraldry

  • Honored titles are lost at the next promotion. In order to receive one, a Guild Officer must see you help a non-guildie, or you must be nominated by guildmate(s).

  • Clergy and Knight titles were rejected, since not everyone is a knight or priest.

Historical Notes:
  • Titles in England are in descending order, prince, duke, marquess, earl, viscount, baron, baronet, and knight.